The pleasure of feeling as if you are in your own home

In the initial perception of a hotel room, all elements are important because they are closely related to the quality and comfort we want to convey to the customer.

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The first impression that counts

n the common areas, lobbies and lounges of hotels … wherever possible we attempt to provide that extra something in terms of design and solutions to customers needs, while adhering to the hotel’s general furnishing guidelines at all times.

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The turnkey projects department is in charge of design, planning, carrying out and managing the construction hotels projects, and specialized in restructuring. We have a specialized department responsible for managing any type of project like rooms, common zones,…

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In Rojas have carried through the manufacturing and assembly of furniture, even though logistic management and purchasing in students or university residences, we have been, adjust to different necessities or qualities expected for our client and making special and unique every project we have made.

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Parkets Rojas offers with its outdoor floor boards wood a variety of finishes that provide comfortable and cozy environments in terraces, pools, gardens, spas, etc.

We are specialized in all kinds of furniture and finishes for exterior especially for hotels and making wood planks for pools, pergolas, separating fences, planters, and all kinds of structures that can be made with these materials.

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We have a department that carry out every purchase process in equipment and accessories for rooms and common zones specialized in hotels and university residences.

Thanks to agreements in different leading brands in contract and hospitality sector, we can offer an equipment from rest area like mattress, pillows, curtains as complement area and design area like auxiliary furniture among others in order to give solutions in hotels necessities.

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ALEU, is a university residence located in Barcelona whose objective is at all times to achieve the well-being of its students. Muebles Rojas, in this project carry out both the manufacture and assembly of the [...]


On the Costa del Sol, specifically in Benalmádena, we find the MED PLAYA HOTEL BALI, a 3 star hotel that is being renovated. Muebles Rojas has carried out a turnkey project for 174 rooms, as [...]


The GUAYARMINA PRINCESS hotel, located in the south of Tenerife, is a ten-storey, 505-room building that stands out for its imposing architecture in the Greco-Roman style. The hotel has been completely renovated and Muebles Rojas [...]