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Furniture of reception desk in hotels, meeting rooms, common areas

In the common areas, receptions, meeting rooms in hotels, restaurants or bars… we give them a solution taking to account their necessities for the client, following in the same style general line for the hotel, with an innovative design and in accordance with the furniture for hotel with a perfect integration and design.

The materials have mixed in multiple combination of woods, crystals, stainless, tiles, methacrylate, that decorate the bar tops, meeting rooms, restaurants, receptions desks or common areas looking for the quality, warmth and avant-garde of manufactured products.

Doors division

In addition, we have a doors division specialized in doors installation with the most advanced technology in machining and properties. We are able to personalize and add logotypes, numbering, or any other type of personalized detail and custom-made for the project.

We work in a block system doors EI-30/70, in any colour and finish, with synthetic and natural woods or even lacquer in any desired design. We have crossing doors, reinforce door, isophone doors or sliding doors with all homologations required.

Furniture division

We manufacture any kind of custom-made furniture form the beginning to the end, specialized in hotels and students’ residences that allows us focus on this sector where the times and qualities desires are very important. We reach to manufacture any kind of headboard, nightstand, or custom-made wardrobe, with a high quality and in different kind of models (sliding doors, hidden or view rail or leaf doors) until auxiliary furniture to complement and give a certain detail of personality. You only have to imagine; we are taking care to created.

Apart from that, we take care of facing in common areas or rooms, we lining any type of surface in order to get a harmony between the rest of materials. Thanks to be manufacturers, the facings are made with the same shipment material with the other furniture, we got uniformity between seamed and colours that allow to made a perfect zone with all complements. Obeying any newest regulation in terms of fire-resistant, water proof or acoustic, etc. Give them an extra value of installed product with a specific function very important for the hotel with every certification without forgetting the design.