Fabricantes Mobiliario Industrial Capacity


Rojas is organized in different departments, where are taking part the whole production process of their project.

The main division is manufacturing furniture for hotels where it heads of transformation and building any type of furniture, according to the project.

In Rojas, it has the best technology and it is looking for the most efficient materials in order to give an impeccable service to our client.

The minimum is important

The iron area in Rojas is one of the most important keys in order to manufacture metals structures or any type of complements with different materials as steel, aluminium, galvanized iron or brass. We carry out from the cut to solder and polish for get a perfect finish in the furniture.

Nowadays, the metal zone has a high influence in contract project and it allows us to mix materials in the furniture, and be in the avant-garde of manufacturing and design and it helps to develop to every custom-made project.

Fabricantes Mobiliario Industrial Capacity
Fabricantes Mobiliario Industrial Capacity

Under the same roof

At Rojas we are the order of the day for new trends and existing materials on the market for perform any project with the guarantee and security of treating the material correctly. The avant-garde and tradition are a perfect combination that makes furniture a unique piece for each project.