From 60 to 90

Since 1959, Rojas has dedicated his efforts to design and implement any project of furniture. Always adapting to the style of the time and changing their designs evolved as both fashion and society.

The ’60s

With the arrival of the television to the homes the furniture are acquiring different forms and adapting to this new domestic appliance. We find furniture of straight lines, stylized pieces, and practically without adornments.

At the end of the 60’s and beginning the 70’s the design changes and follows hippie style and the trend Pop. It is started playing by the square, round and rectangular forms obtaining modern appearance, in which the clean lines stand out.

The ’70s

The ’80s

In the decade of the 80 arise the pluralism of styles, trends and designs. Predominating over accented furniture and marked edges, were highlighting the brilliant colors and the sophisticated design. The glass was introduced in the furniture as well as the floral elements in the decoration.

The 90’s are designed larger and more complete furniture. Furniture with a classic detail yet elegant touch at a time.

The ‘90s