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Furniture Manufacturers for Student Residences

In Rojas have carried through the manufacturing and assembly of furniture, even though logistic management and purchasing in students or university residences, we have been, adjust to different necessities or qualities expected for our client and making special and unique every project we have made. Our experience in manufacturing furniture for hotels and students residences that we have executed give us certain knowhow allowing us to reduce level costs in purchasing management and logistic area affording a complete service and personalized for every client.

We have been furnishing every detail any type of room: individuals, twins, en-suite rooms or even individual complete full-furnishing apartments offering an integral service in the project from manufacturing furniture, block doors, or wood flooring to different aspects of FF&E (Furniture, Fix & Equipment) that includes every lighting, mattress, bed linen, sofas or chaise lounge, curtain or solar screens, electrical appliance or bathroom accessories, etc. We take care from the beginning to the end including the logistic management of construction.

Moreover, we have a specific department specialized in manufacturing and assembling common areas where we precise you any technique solution in those areas that includes the different common areas in the students residences like studding areas, bar or restaurants or even game area.