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Our doors division for buildings and facilities employs the most advanced machining technology. We can incorporate logos, numbering or any kind of personalised details.
We work with a block system, with every finish and colour, and with synthetic and natural woods and lacquers.
We have armoured and isophonic doors, EI (RF)…. all authorised.

Wardrobes are one of the main elements in a hotel room, giving beauty and order to the existing space. We manufacture them in all sizes, with high quality, uniform finish and a host of models (with sliding doors, with hidden or visible guides, with hinged doors…

Lining or cladding any type of hotel surfaces with wood is carpentry work that adds the greatest quality to projects.
As we are manufacturers, and the claddings are made from the same batches of material as the rest of the build, thereby obtaining a complete uniformity between panels, doors, wardrobes and other furnishings.

Re-cladding of walls, floors, stairways, ceilings… any element is re-claddable, while complying at all times with current regulations regarding fireproofing, soundproofing, etc.