“We have a great deal of experience in carrying out renovations by floor, with the hotel fully operational”.

– What does the businessman ask for most when he wants to plan a project for the contract channel?
First of all, it always depends on the category of the hotel, the location, the budget… In general terms, we can say that there is a preference for melamine as the main material for hotel furniture.
In this sense, technological advances allow us to have designs and finishes that are practically the same as those of noble materials. A few years ago it was unthinkable to equip four and five star hotels without using a veneer, but today this situation has changed thanks to the new types of materials and their multiple advantages, including durability, compared to natural materials.

Currently, melamine board manufacturers are betting on constant improvements in designs and finishes that allow interior designers and planners to carry out a wide range of interior design projects, with more innovative and different hotel design proposals.

A very clear example is the firm Innovus, manufacturer of melamine board and specialized 100% in it, with a clear and firm commitment to this material for durability, strength and sustainability. Currently, this manufacturer has practically no natural wood veneers in its catalog.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the businessman, when carrying out a hotel project, although the economic part is very important, also values other criteria to assess and designate the industrialist who will perform the work, such as:

– Experience in the sector
– Industrial capacity to carry out the hotel in the desired finishes and times.
– Planning and commitment to complete the work

– What phases does Rojas Contract take into account when undertaking a project?
The phases to carry out any hotel project from Rojas Contract are:

– Budgeting
– Project follow-up
– Awarding: once a project has been accepted and agreed with the client, deadlines and designs offered.
– Technical department: main responsible for the project to be carried out, it is in charge of making the measurements and technical drawings of the project.
– Fabrication
– Installation
– Delivery of the work

The Rojas Contract team is involved in all the processes we carry out. From the workshop operator, purchasing department, accounting, administrative and Project Manager … all are committed to the projects we undertake so that everything goes perfectly, with the desired quality control finishes and within the agreed deadlines.

– What does a turnkey project include?
A turnkey project is an integral reform, it covers the whole process from beginning to end. It includes actions such as measurements, drawings and project of the distribution of rooms or different spaces to the choice and proposal of materials with the design made by the interior designer.

Once the project is budgeted and accepted by the client, we approach the development and preparation of the project with a team formed by:

– Demolitions
– Electricity
– Plumbing
– Pladur
– Tape
– Painting and wallpapering
– Air conditioning
– Aluminum/pvc/wood carpentry
– Tiling
– Parquet
– Furniture

In Rojas Contract we have great experience in carrying out renovations by floors, with the hotel in full operation. We always adapt to times and deadlines agreed with the client, being very rigorous with the planning and delivery of the work.

– What materials are currently the most demanded for hotel furniture?

The trend is the combination of melamine with metallic structure, where indirect LED lighting is integrated to provide a decorative solution and warmth to the rooms. This allows to give a distinction in the furniture that causes an impact to the final consumer.

– And what is the priority in university or nursing homes?

The main difference in the sector of university residences or elderly is basically the durability of the furniture, the way they have been designed and manufactured to offer a better result at a functional and durable level. Both sectors are very similar. Although in nursing homes it is necessary to comply with certain essential regulations and to be equipped with specialist suppliers that provide the necessary support at the level of functional and regulatory accessories for the elderly.
ROJAS is perfectly qualified to meet the needs of operators or customers who carry out this type of projects in nursing homes and student residences, our experience in equipment for this type of buildings is key.