Good interior design requires a thorough curation of furniture. Appreciating what each space needs allows for the creation of multifunctional and flexible areas that combine efforts to enhance the appropriate image and balance. For this reason, it is essential that the space exudes contemporaneity and aligns with current trends to generate a fresh and appealing image.


The Essentials
Clearly, our designs need to seek a union of functionality and visual quality; creating elements that harmonize with the space’s layout and the energy intended to be projected. They should be consistent at all times with the surroundings, lighting, usage, and the experience aimed to be enhanced within that space.
Certainly, this exercise of deep attention to detail requires extensive previous experience in the interior design sector. And, above all, staying up-to-date with design innovations. Hence, we present the following trends that will make a significant impact this year:

Trends 2024

  1. Organic shapes: Yes, we know they have been with us for several seasons, but in 2024, shapes inspired by nature and noble materials will play a crucial role. Rounded finishes and inspiration from natural elements will accompany future interior designs, providing a classic yet innovative touch to spaces.
  2. Eclecticism: the blending of styles, creating charming corners where aesthetics and personality become a fundamental pillar. It is about creating harmony by mixing vintage pieces, art, and modern elements. It will be a trend that blends seamlessly with organic shapes. The mix of vintage and nature will play a significant role, ushering in maximalism.
  3. Adding a splash of colour to spaces: creating personality-driven spaces using vibrant colors that add touches of light alongside the neutral colours of our spaces will allow for the creation of well-balanced areas. The colours to pay attention to, as they are set to make a strong statement in 2024, are terracotta, olive green, and paying close attention to passion red, which we already saw towards the end of 2023 in the fashion sector and will also emerge in the world of interior design.

Beyond trends, it is evident not to forget the ability to constantly innovate. It is this willingness to continuously improve that will enable providing a service of high excellence to our clients and being able to advice considering any particularity.

For this reason, it will be essential for research and experimentation in interior design trends to focus on sustainability. An incentive that already holds great importance in other sectors and increasingly in ours.

Therefore, in current furniture elements, it is necessary to work with materials and processes respectful of the environment, as well as to create designs in line with positive values that advocate for sustainability.

As we have seen, understanding and assimilating interior design trends provide tools to face any challenge and necessity. However, dedication is required to translate this knowledge into our creations.


At Rojas Contract, we understand the importance of paying attention to each and every detail of the elements that make up an interior space, especially the furniture that shapes it. Thanks to this commitment to always seek perfection, we design interior furniture specifically tailored for each type of room, decoration, style, and taste.

We focus our expertise on being unparalleled in the process of generating powerful synergies between furniture elements and the space they occupy, always adapting to the needs of our clients, whatever they may be.

Rojas Contract advocates for this dedication and service, and as manufacturers of bespoke furniture, we understand the importance of partnering with skilled architects, interior designers, and hotel designers who bring their knowledge and provide us with the incentive to manufacture contract furniture pieces from our facilities, enabling us to leverage our experience in every detail and consistently deliver a service of high excellence.