We have done the furnishing of different rooms and common areas of the new hotel and convention center Atzavara Hotel & Spa, located in Santa Susanna (Barcelona). It is a 5-star resort of large dimensions, designed by the architectural firm Isern Associats and belonging to the hotel chain Aqua Hotels.

The Atzavara Hotel & Spa’s 465 rooms, some with sea views, offer all the amenities of a 5-star hotel on the Barcelona-Maresme coast. Its luxury Mediterranean style offers the ultimate in privacy, comfort and experience.
From Rojas Contract we have selected the best materials to manufacture a fully custom-made furniture, according to the high quality standards required by a five-star hotel.
The environments of the suites, purely Mediterranean style, are formed by different compositions of furniture.

Following the design guidelines set by the interior design team of Isern Associats we have manufactured: different closets with hinged doors; headboards with vinyl textile covering -which can house electrical mechanisms and have integrated LED lighting on top-; desks; trunks -protected with metal profiles to cushion suitcases-; modules to house the fridge-minibar; bedside tables and also framed mirrors and moldings completely custom-made.
The Atzavara Hotel & Spa also has 7 swimming pools, four restaurants, two bars, 10,000 square meter gardens, 22 suites with swimming pool, 20 lounges with 20 versatile and multifunctional rooms spread over 2,000 square meters.

From Rojas Contract’s furniture factory in Barcelona we have also produced the doors and paneling for some of the common areas of the Atzavara Hotel & Spa.
Despite its large dimensions, Isern & Associats has worked on the distribution of the entire establishment to create micro-environments that make it extremely cozy. Every square centimeter has been studied to help create an atmosphere of balance, warmth and tranquility.
If the Atzavara Hotel & Spa pampers the client to offer an unforgettable experience, at Rojas Contract we are proud to have contributed with our work to achieve it, taking care of every detail in the production of contract furniture to meet the highest expectations, both of the guest, the architecture and interior design studio, as well as the hotelier.

Our innovative technology and our extensive experience in the manufacture of custom furniture for hotels has allowed us to work on this large hotel project in the most fluid and efficient way, offering the Catalan hotel chain Aqua Hotels the optimum quality for intensive use of all the pieces of contract furniture.
For the entire Rojas Contract team it has been a magnificent experience to work on this project, from the initial sketches to the final finished result.