We are often surprised to recognize a hotel establishment or a store of an international brand in any city in the world, just by walking through its doors.
The corporate image of an international firm is projected through an interior design that is coherent with its values: from the palette of colors and materials, to the signage or even the aroma, passing through a myriad of details that often go unnoticed.

What if the real attraction is to enter an establishment of an international hotel chain that, although recognizable, allows us to discover a different interior design?
The real challenge for the hotelier is to surprise the client, the goal is to make the hotel become a destination in itself. Today, the priority is to achieve a unique experience. The aim is for each establishment to be different and, at the same time, in line with an aesthetic that is easily identifiable in any corner of the world.

Based on this need, interior designers and expert hotel architects seek to make the establishment stand out from the rest, to make it truly special and, above all, to make it stand out from the competition.
And what is the trump card to be different? Design, design and design.
That is why it is so important to have designers, architects and interior designers who are experts in hotel design, who know the hotel business and who are immersed in the culture of each company, in order to translate it into the interior design of their hotels.

Nothing is chosen at random, everything is thought out to the millimeter, everything must be functional, but also attractive and, in addition, respond to the corporate identity.
The power of attraction of a hotel that is different from everything else is enormous, because it creates a unique and memorable experience for the client… But why do some hotel establishments achieve this and others do not?
Only when the design of the hotel is thought in the individual well-being but also the collective, is when it manages to captivate the customer.
Undoubtedly, success responds to a studied strategy that focuses on design as an opportunity to generate an excellent product.

The relevant role of custom-made furniture in the most desirable hotels.
We talk about design as a strategy and also as an opportunity to improve our hotels. In this commitment to hotel differentiation, the relevance of custom furniture in the hotel is absolute.
From the sketch created by an architect or a hotel interior designer for a reception, a lobby, a room, restaurant areas, etc., any type of furniture can be manufactured, always taking into account the optimum quality of the materials needed for a space frequented by a large number of people.
At Rojas Contract we pride ourselves on taking care of every detail of the contract furniture we manufacture and, thanks to our way of working, we have earned the trust of numerous architects and hotel interior designers who are thrilled to see their furniture designs come to life.

On the other hand, we like to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, so we manufacture all our custom-made furniture pieces from our facilities in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona), which are then installed in hotels around the world.
The seal of our custom-made furniture “Made in Barcelona” is synonymous of high quality, exigency, proximity, sustainability and eco-responsibility.
In short, at Rojas Contract we are the custom furniture manufacturers allied with architects, interior designers and hotel designers. From our facilities, we manufacture pieces of contract furniture that give us make the stay better in any hotel in the world.