When it comes to making a hotel asset profitable, investors are clear: every square centimeter is important. And in that maxim, custom furniture counts. A lot.
Making the most of the available space is a maxim that expert hotel architects and interior designers are clear about when it comes to designing, because they adapt to the space and make full use of it.
When it comes to optimizing every space in the hotel, the great ally in hotel interior design is custom-made furniture that, in addition to providing exclusivity, makes it possible to maximize the usefulness of the different spaces and take advantage of nooks and crannies that could be left unused with standard furniture.

In the rooms, a good custom design allows to achieve the optimal functional distribution and fit all the necessary furniture to meet the needs of guests. Closets, headboards, bedside tables, luggage racks, desks, TV panels, bathroom furniture, … everything must be designed with the optimum quality required by a high-traffic space such as a hotel.
In the common areas – reception, lobby, restaurants, bars, outdoor areas, corridors, etc. – custom-made furniture adapts to the most complex interior architecture and makes it possible to make the most of spaces that would otherwise be underutilized. For example, a bar counter with high stools can be created in any corner, which will increase the operating account of an unused area.
On the other hand, hotel architects and interior designers opt for made-to-measure contract furniture because it can be customized without limits, adapting it to the corporate identity of the hotel chain. In addition, it offers a plus of exclusivity and distinction that is highly valued.

Likewise, we must not forget that contract furniture must always be designed from a functional point of view: it seeks to achieve user comfort, but also to facilitate the work of cleaning and maintenance staff.

From Rojas Contract we have designed custom furniture for a large number of hotel chains, throughout the Spanish geography and beyond our borders.
In our production center, located in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona) we exhaustively control the quality of each piece of contract furniture, from the first sketch we make, to the manufacturing in our facilities, to the installation in its final location.
We have extensive experience in building any type of custom-made furniture, following in a reliable way the design of the architect, designer or interior designer.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we meet the highest demands, both in terms of quality of finishes and speed of delivery.
On the other hand, it should be noted that today, compared to companies that manufacture in other continents, many hoteliers have discovered the advantages of having a local partner: sustainability, proximity, direct and human treatment, quick response, effectiveness and high quality.
In short, at Rojas Contract we are on the side of the hotelier and the hotel architect and interior designer. With our quality contract furniture made to measure from Barcelona, we do our bit to make hotel space profitable.