For the real estate investor, the attractiveness of student residences is more than obvious, as it is an asset that can withstand periods of crisis. But how can selecting the right furnishings help to make the most of the available space?
In our experience acquired over the years, the selection of furniture for university residences cannot be left to chance and must be specific to this type of building.
What should the furnishings in a student residence be like to help make the most of the space available?

1. It must be a type of furniture highly resistant to wear and tear and intensive use. It is a mistake to fall into conventional, low-cost, mass-produced furniture, because its quality is poor and it is not designed for high-traffic spaces. This type of furniture needs to be replaced much more quickly because it deteriorates easily and this generates a much higher cost in the long run. On the other hand, contract furniture is designed for intensive and daily use, thanks to its high durability and resistance.

2. It must be functional and multipurpose to facilitate different uses in the same space. In a student residence the furniture must be just the right and necessary, it is basic that it is functional, without forgetting that it is aesthetically attractive. On the other hand, the space utilization solutions offered by folding furniture are infinite and allow students to comfortably perform all kinds of activities such as sleeping, eating, studying in a very small space.

3. Furniture made to measure by professionals because it is the only way to optimize to the maximum every square centimeter of surface. With an intelligent custom-made design we can make the most of the space.

From Rojas Contract we have extensive experience in the furnishing of all types of student residences: single rooms, double rooms, en-suite rooms or student apartments.
Aimed at real estate investors, architecture and interior design studios, our comprehensive logistics management service of the work facilitates efficiently and quickly the implementation of student residences: we cover from the manufacture of furniture, doors and parquet flooring, to all the details of FF&E (Furniture Fix & Equipment) which includes among others: lighting, mattresses, sofas, making curtains or screens, bedding, appliances, bathroom accessories, etc..
Our department specialized in the realization and assembly of common areas offers all kinds of technical solutions when planning the different common areas, such as multipurpose rooms, laundry, restaurants and study rooms, among others.