Vibrant, fun, quiet, relaxing, cosmopolitan, beach, mountain, luxury… whatever the style, the lobby is the heart of the hotel, it is the area that conveys the essence and philosophy of the establishment.
The latest trends in hotel interior design are committed to the creation of different micro-environments in the lobby space, so that guests can share the space for different activities and experiences.
In this sense, hotel architects and interior designers rely on different types of furniture to generate atmospheres that humanize the lobby area.
Beyond the reception area, where the aim is to give the best welcome and where a large high counter is usually used, designed in the style of the hotel’s concept and tailored to its needs, at Rojas we manufacture a wide range of furniture that facilitates new uses.

As experts in contract, we can confirm that there are several types of furniture that contribute not only to generate more life in the hotel, but also to make it more profitable.
In Rojas Contract we adapt to the needs and new trends and we are able to design any type of furniture required by hoteliers, interior designers and architects, we master all materials and styles: high stools with high table, benches, comfortable sofas, individual armchairs, even swings or Lebanese beds, why not?
After all, the idea is to make it easier, with furniture as a tool, to carry out all kinds of activities in the lobby, because let’s not forget that it is the guest who gives life to the establishment.