Designing to stand out, understanding the space, and acting accordingly by using and organizing the right elements become the great challenge of 21st-century interior design. Every hotel worth its salt needs to emanate its essence from every corner. It needs to showcase the appeal that makes it the best possible accommodation.

We are talking about fluid, friendly, and comfortable spaces. Spaces that invite you to sit, have a conversation, and wait without hurrying. We are talking about interior design that is meticulously detailed, and therefore, adapted, consensual, and structured.

When we arrive at a hotel, we expect coherence to be evident in its spaces. That all rooms, sectors, and amenities communicate and form a cohesive and welcoming setting. The language of interior design becomes the visible and tangible language for the guest, a key element for making their stay unforgettable.

When interior design is not given importance and simple, standardized solutions are chosen, the hotel’s quality and image suffer, and guests notice the lack of care. It’s evident that the chairs were not designed ad hoc or that the tables are the same as those found in countless other places.

Addressing the personality of the interior design of our hotel business must be a primary action and work line. It is crucial that experts in the field take the reins of our brand image translated into the furniture and design of our spaces. Opting for well-thought-out and well-executed interior design will distinguish our proposal within the sector and help us position ourselves in a global and active market.

However, undertaking such a task is not trivial, as often what we want to convey needs to be handled with sensitivity and attention. Creating an interior design that pays attention to every detail requires professionals who understand the importance of design, who put all their effort into adapting to the client’s needs, feedback, and impressions. They should facilitate joint work and achieving results that meet expectations.

In this regard, Rojas Contract always provides its clients with the best interior design experts. Experts who will give their all to take care of every detail of their proposals, combining know-how with flexibility and adaptability to the project’s idiosyncrasies. Multidisciplinary experts in the sector who will help at all times to create a strong and well-founded proposal. A proposal that guarantees well-treated, balanced, and, most importantly, striking and relevant interior designs.