To differentiate is to triumph. Knowing how to convey a suitable identity becomes essential in the world of interior design. Understanding the importance of adapting physical elements, style, and decoration to the space and its needs is what distinguishes enticing interior design, imbued with character and exclusivity, from basic generalization.

Decorative elements that opt for bold theming, unapologetically transmitting quality and personality, will contribute to an outstanding user experience. Imagine staying at that charming mountain hotel you’ve been highly recommended. It’s the perfect place to rest and recharge from your bustling city life. You arrive and are greeted by a friendly dark wood reception desk. A plush carpet welcomes you, and a fire burns in the hearth, imparting warmth to the entire space. It’s in these situations that the consideration of interior spaces makes sense. This is when the great work of interior design experts’ shines, showcasing their ability to create the perfect user experience.

Now comfortably settled in our cozy room, we find another fire in the fireplace, welcoming us with its warm embrace. There’s coherence with the reception’s interior design. Everything has its place and makes sense. Additionally, on the walls, locally designed elements add a finely woven texture. We will recommend this place and have already noted it down for a return visit.

But let’s go further: the presence of local design indicates a connection and synergy with the territory and the business’s location. Faced with this situation, the hotel managers have very aptly understood how crucial it is to create a genuine dialogue with the exterior. Merely by opting for a themed interior design, with coherent elements from the mountains that give meaning to their business, they have fully succeeded in making the user feel the surroundings.

Rojas Contract tackles the creation of styled, themed interior design with a differential identity from all possible angles. It always advocates for understanding the terrain, acquiring, and studying references and elements linked to the client’s needs and the business’s location. Recognizing that the interior design needs of a high mountain business, or those of a city-based business, must be treated with care and attention is what sets us apart and adds immense value to our mission.

For this reason, Rojas Contract guarantees constant and permanent involvement in the entire creative process and furniture installation.